Salem Manor's Princess Kate RETIRED

Kate is a rich beautiful dark chocolate color.  She inherited all the sweetness and calmness from her mother, and like her mother, she loves to cuddle on the sofa.  In fact, she lives for it!  Kate's guardian mom loves her so much that whenever I need to borrow her for testing or breeding, she cries.  (Sorry, Janice!  I had to tell on you:)   She say's that Kate brings ample love and playfulness to their home, it is lonely when she is not around. 

Princess Kate has a curly fleece coat that feels like silk- really!  She is a medium chocolate standing 19 inches tall and weighing 30 pounds.  She is bundle of joy and full of love! 


Sire: Lewis Manor's Moose

Dam:  Brooklyn of Manor Lake

Size:  Medium, 30lbs, 19 inches tall

Coat/Color:  Curly Fleece, Dark Chocolate

Hips:  Dr. Wallace Good

Elbows:  Clear

CERF: Clear

Blood Panel: Normal

PRA: Clear

IC: Clear

ALAA Registration:  ALAA 038311