Finn of Manor Lake

Where do I start with my Finnie boy?  He is such a remarkable example of an Australian Labradoodle as a whole.  He has got the looks, the charm, the walk, and the manners all in one small 25 pound package.  I call him my loyal "Finnie Boy".  He is the first to sit next to me on the steps or on the sofa, and he doesn't hesitate to follow my commands.  He also has those big brown eyes, that just melt anyone's heart.  Anyone who comes to the farm to visit asks, "What litter will Finn sire next?  I want one of his pups!"

For Breeders:  Finn has thick boning, great confirmation, and a straight tail.  He has a strong fleece coat with perfect thickness.  Finn carries for chocolate, caramel, and parti chocolate and white.  He also carries for the beautiful "patch spotting around each eye."  He is great for personality correction.  Finn also keeps very healthy ears.  Finn takes his job very seriously.  

Sire: Manor Lake New Moons Jacob

Dam: Manor Lake Keiko

Size:  Minature, 28lbs, 16 inches tall

Coat/Color:  Wavy fleece, Caramel Ice

Dr. Wallace Hip Test:  Good

Elbows:  Clear

CERF: Clear

Patellar Luxation:  Normal

Thyroid Test: Normal

Blood Panel: Normal

PRA: Clear

Genetic Disease Panel:  Clear

ALAA Registration:  ALAA 026370