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No F1, F2, or F3 stuff here!  My dog's lines go back to Ruthland Manor and Tegan Parks from Australia.  

Notice in the picture on the right, how calm and relaxed the puppy is in my daugher's arms?  This is a signature trait of an Australian Labradoodle.  They can be in the midst of wild crazy playing, but when a human picks them up, they immediately relax and calm down.  Also, notice the puppy's eye contact with me taking the picture.  No tricks here, this is another signature trait of an Australian Labradoodle.  They are very connected to people and will hold great eye contact.  These two signature traits are not commonly found in American Labradoodles, and I believe they are significant in making them one of the best family dogs.  Ruthland Manor and Tegan Park in Australia took great care in breeding dogs with these traits in hopes of creating excellent therapy dogs, and they did!  But, they also created one of the best family dogs in the process.

I have been around many different breeds, worked with them, and trained them throughout my life. Very few compare to the gentle and loving nature of an Australian labradoodle.  My children quickly remind me how spoiled we are by the easy going nature of our dogs when we visit other families who own other dog breeds.  They ask " Mom, why is their dog so rude and poorly behaved?"  

Non shedding is an excellent bonus.  When you decide to go non shedding, you will never go back!  Long gone are the hairy tumble weeds residing in the corners of your home, not to mention the shed less sofa and bed cuddling time.  All my breeding dogs have a wavy fleece coat that feels like silk.  This is my favorite coat type because of its ultra soft texture, and the only one I use in my breeding program.  

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Australian Labradoodle Association of American has some great info on the breed as well.  Go to to read more.