Not much has changed since 1974, just the breed and little bit of aging on my part!   As you can see from the picture on the right, I have always been "part of the pack."  The picture was taken in my grandparents backyard with their blacks labs.  My grandparents raised and trained champion black labs.  I spent a lot of time with my grandparents because both my parents were working.  One could say that I learned training through osmosis, and it is second nature to me. I spent long days training in the field with my grandparents. They would often find me curled in a dog crate asleep when I had enough.

I also throughly enjoyed helping my grandmother breed.  We had several litters in the home, and I remember them very fondly.  I would sit in dog bowls and read to the puppies, play dress up, chase, and tug a war.  The days just seemed so magical with puppies around.  My entire childhood and young adult life was spent surrounded by black labs.  

As one would imagine, I considered being a small animal vet when I went to collage.  So I was a kennel girl and vet tech through most of my college years gaining required experience.  But then marriage and children happened, and my dreams of becoming a vet quickly faded and my focus changed to family and photography.  

I greatly missed my dog world, and after much research, I decided to start breeding multi generation Australian Labradoodles in 2008.