Salem Manor Lucca

Lucca holds a special place in my heart.  He was the only puppy born alive in Brooklyn's last litter.  The very first day he was born, I knew I could not part with him.  Brooklyn carried him everywhere, and she refused to stay in the whelping box with him.  She nursed him on the sofa, my bed, and just about anywhere but the whelping box.  If she wasn't with him, I was carrying him around in a sling to keep him warm.

All the special attention served him well because he is super connected to people. Lucca is beloved by his guardian family, and they take him everywhere!  So if you live in Winston, you more than likely have seen him prancing around town:)  He has a great big bundle of happiness to share with everyone around.  He loves to wrestle and play with his guardian dad, but he is quick to settle and snuggle with the ladies in the house.  

For Breeders:  Lucca is a rare tuxedo patterned Red Caramel.  He is ee with a rose colored nose.  He has a very strong fleece coat that feels like a channel blanket to touch.  He also carries for parti, and he carries for aw/at and Kb/Kb.   So sable or phantom in second generation off spring.  Lucca's eyes are a beautiful copper color.  His conformation is perfect.  He literally floats across the floor when he walks. 


Sire: Heather Hale's Oh so suave "Captain"

Dam:  Manor Lake Brooklyn

Size:  Medium, 35lbs, 20 inches tall

Coat/Color:  Fleece, Red Caramel with tuxedo markings

OFA Hip Test:  Dr. Wallace Good  

Elbows:  Clear

CERF: Clear

Blood Panel: Normal

Genetic Panel:  Normal

PRA: Clear

IC: Clear

Genetic Disease Panel:  Clear

ALAA Registration:  ALAA 053264