Lewis Manor's Baileys Irish Cream RETIRED

Bailey loves everyone, and she doesn't know a stranger. She'll crawl into to complete strangers lap and look at them nose to nose. When I am sitting on the sofa, she will sit next to me upright, and then turn her head and look at me right in the eyes, nose to nose. It is almost as if she is saying, "What are we watching, or what are we doing?" Sometimes she seems almost human! or maybe a clown?

Bailey comes from strong therapy lines, and her puppies are super smart. Bailey is my running partner, and she is fantastic on the leash. A few of her puppies have become diabetic alert dogs. But, most of her puppies go to homes and make stellar family members with lots of personality:) Everyone says they are the clowns of the family.

Bailey has a fleece coat that very very lightly sheds.  The advantage to light shedding is no mats, and that equals less grooming!  She is a medium size standing 20 inches tall and weighing 35 pounds.   


Sire: Lewis Manor's Arthur Fonzarelli

Dam:  Dreamer's Major Cutie

Size:  Medium, 35lbs, 20 inches tall

Coat/Color:  Fleece, Cream

Penn Hip:  70th%

Elbows:  Clear

CERF: Clear

Blood Panel: Normal

PRA: Clear

IC: Clear

ALAA Registration:  ALAA 038311