Good Day Charlie Brown

I wanted a chocolate Finn, and I got one! Charlie is probably one of the smartest dogs I have ever been around.  Big dog personality in a small build.  He is super chill, and his puppies would make great therapy dogs.   His guardian mom says that loves to play fetch, snuggle on the sofa, and play with the children.  He is her little shadow at home, too.  He follows her wherever she goes!

He has the perfect fleece coat that barely matts, big bonus!  Say bye-bye to the milk chocolate color all over his body.  He is turning the rare color, parchment!!!  In six months, the color on the bridge of his nose will be all over his body:) 

For Breeders:  Charlie is perfection in almost every way.  He has a strong fleece coat that is silky soft and the perfect thickness.  He ears are perfect in proportion.  He floats across the floor with his conformation.  He carries for parchment. He does not carry for parti.  Charlie is very calm, and he would work well for personality corrections.  His tail is a bit too curly for my taste:)

Sire: Manor Lake Finn

Dam: Good Day's Flying High with Piper

Size:  Minature, 25lbs, 16 inches tall

Coat/Color:  Fleece, Parchment

Dr. Wallace Hip Test:  Good

Elbows:  Clear

CERF: Clear

Patellar Luxation:  Normal

Thyroid Test: Normal

Blood Panel: Normal

PRA: Clear

IC: Clear

Genetic Disease Panel:  Clear

ALAA Registration:  ALAA 026370